Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s family trip to the Houston Zoo sparks controversy

24-year-old reality star and cosmetics magnate Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott visited the Houston Zoo Sunday with their 3-year-old girl Stormi Webster close behind.

The trip accidentally incensed a few local people, who said they were bothered by the couple’s visit.

As indicated by the Zoo, while the big name family was on a VIP visit on Sunday a few guests were baffled with how it worked out.

Crytsal Stemberger was visiting the zoo with her 3-year-old girl Cadence and said she couldn’t ride the Carousel because of the Vip’s.

“We’re going to the carousel because it’s her favorite thing to do. She does it every time we’re there. We scanned her ticket, she got in line maybe 2 people in or 3 people about to get on the carousel and then they cleared the entire place out,” said Stemberger.

Stemberger said she tried again later but the carousel was shut down a second time.

“12 kids were in line the first time maybe 14 the second time because it had just reopened,” said Stemberger. “They weren’t as important as this family? That doesn’t make sense to me.”

KPRC contacted the Houston Zoo here’s what they said:

“We closed off the carousel twice for 30 minutes each time today for special guests on a VIP tour,” said Jackie Wallace, a zoo spokeswoman.

She said the area is typically cleared for the safety of everyone and apologized for any inconvenience to zoo visitors.

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