Ramadan Updates: Moon Sighting Announcement, Start date, Fasting times, and Prayers

The times given for prayers and fasting on the first day are: Sehri (pre-dawn meal) ends at 5.23am, Fajr (early morning prayer) 5.23am-5.40am, Zuhr (early afternoon prayer) 1.13pm-1.30pm, Asr (late afternoon prayer) 5.39pm-6.15pm, Maghrib (sunset prayer) and Iftar (evening meal) at 7.46pm, then Isha (night prayer) 9.01pm to 9.15pm.

Through the month, the times gradually change. By the end of Ramadan, sehri/suhoor is at 4.03am and iftar at 8.38pm

The Ramadan 2022 timetable for Stechford Mosque in Albert Road, Birmingham

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