Meet the Censorship-Defying Young Prodigy, Devin Millar

Corporate record labels have a tight belt on content getting released for independent artists. Even the most well-known music artists are not immune to this treatment. 

Well, that‘s not the case for this independent musician. Meet Devin Millar, a prodigy at the age of 22 who goes hard with his YouTube music videos. He animates the videos himself, he dresses in a childlike fashion while cross-dressing, and he is anti-censorship. 

With the amount of sexually charged feminine styles Devin has, he makes Lil Nas X and Harry Styles look like Cocomelon.

He took piano lessons and guitar at the age of 6 but used the Suzuki method to learn about melody making. 

He started creating his Dance music at the age of 14. He was going to high school which was River HomeLink in the year 2014. That year he released Crack & Collide. He created 3 music videos for his YouTube channel and his parents helped him film these. His family and their friends appeared in some of the videos. 

He named a song “Fedora” after the hat he wore in his earlier years. That song was known on social media and made it to the Billboard charts at the time. He also won his high school talent show by performing the song. He then got signed to Voodoo Doughnuts Recordings who attended River HomeLink’s talent show when he performed “Fedora”. 

Eventually, he changed his look and released “Hoody” and “BFD” last year. These also had similar results. His music was played on the radio and featured in movies, TV shows, and TikTok dances. He now is on a mission to end all the injustice regarding creativity by deliberately not following social and gender norms. 

“Censorship and double standards kill creativity and that breaks my heart, and so many people get labels put on them. All because of stupid people. Being independent is the best. I go against double standards to show everyone you need to be free. Someone’s gotta do it. A least one person. Me.” Devin says.

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